Difference between words

Once an educated lady executive in office was just relaxing reading professional matters to upgrade herself.

Two peons in her office were sitting nearby and having some lighter moments, too. One peon thought to talk to the lady in informal way, and asked,”મૅડમ, એક જૉક્સ કહું ?” The lady thought to ‘educate’ the boy, and said,”એક હોય, તો ‘જૉક્સ’ ના કહેવાય, ‘જોક’ કહેવાય.”

So, the boy said,”ok, એક જૉક કહું ?” So, ‘Madam’ corrected him again,”‘જૉક’ ના કહેવાય, ‘જોક’ કહેવાય.”

And there the lady got the reply for the life time, when that boy told the other peon sitting next to him,”લે, મૅડમને તો એટલી પણ ખબર નથી કે, અંગ્રેજીમાં ‘જોક’ કહેવાય, અને ગુજરાતીમાં ‘જૉક’ કહેવાય !!!!”

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    koi che ahia

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