Once Guru Nanak Dev, along with his two disciples Bala and Maradana, reached Multan. He had already become famous there. The devotees started flooding in to welcome him.

Pir Bahauddin of Multan could not stand it that a foreigner was welcomed so heartily in his own place. He immediately called up his disciple and sent him to Guru Nanak Dev with a glass full of milk up to the brim.

Seeing the glass full of milk, Maradana asked, “Guruji, what is the meaning of this glass?”

Guru Nanak said, “By sending me this glass full of milk, Pir Bahauddin has sent me a message that there is no place for any other fakir in this land as far as he is there. Two swords can not be accommodated in one scabbard.”

Maradana replied, “He seems to be quite proud. He should be made to lick the dust.”

Guru Nanak did not say anything. He stood up quietly and plucked a jasmine from the garden. He put it in the glass full of milk and said, “Maradana, please go and return this glass to Pir sahab.”

Maradana did not understand this either. But, as an obedient disciple, he went to Pir sahab with the glass. Seeing the jasmine on the glass full of milk, he was not only surprised, but more than that he was amazed at the sensibility of Guru Nanak Dev. He became so eager to see Guru Nanak that he rushed bare feet from his hut.

If your heart is full of feelings of altruism, fearlessness and selflessness, mother nature is bound to get in tuned with yourself. When Rehana Taiyab used to sing bhajans in solitude, even the wild animals of the forest used to sit beside her forgetting their nature. And Bahauddin was after all a Pir. On the way back, Maradana asked him, “Pir sahab, please tell me also, what is the matter about? Why did you fumble seeing the flower?”

Bahauddin said, “By sending a little flower, your master has advised that the way this little flower is weightless and keeps floating here and there in the glass full of milk, letting the milk also remain inside and not letting it go out, I will also stay in Multan for a few days and then go away. Maradana, your master has conveyed this silent message to me which I could not accomplish even after years of tapasya.”

Pir Bahauddin reached Guru Nanak Dev bare feet and took him to his hut. Guru Nanak said with a smile on his face, “Two swords can not be accommodated in one scabbard, but of course two fakirs can be definitely accommodated in one hut.”

– Excerpt of a discourse originally in Hindi

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