Indian scripts & School of Arts

Prominence to Indian scripts in typography

Languages are an integral part of one’s entire life and time has come when the industries are waking up to the call of the age, that is, to learn the languages of the masses.
India should promote basic aesthetic and scientific value of diverse scripts in order to become a leader in the global typography and calligraphy multi-media markets, experts have said.

Understanding fundamentals of the scripts was important and students of designing should be taught their structures and properties before using them in order to get best of its characteristics, experts said at a two-day conference on `Typography and Calligraphy’ which began in Mumbai on Friday, 28th March.

It has been found that students who come to design schools are not very familiar with Indian languages and scripts and it could prove to be a disadvantage for them, said Professor Santosh Kshirsagar of J J School of Arts.

A designer should know English and at least one Indian language as he is responsible in influencing the masses through various media and therefore, policy makers should give importance to learning of Indian scripts thoroughly at least in the design institutes, he said.

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