IBM resorting to translation

In the age when translation is coming out of the confines of University curriculum, and innumerable global biggies are realising the importance of native language in order to reach out to common man/end user, it is always interesting to know the next entity joining the bandwagon.

Now, IBM has decided that it doesn’t want to be left out of the mobile realm. It has fired up a number of programs (instant translator, social networking, and mobile health care) that will make mobile phones even more useful for everyday tasks than they already are.

IBM has seen some of the writing on the wall. It knows that mobile phones are replacing PCs at more and more tasks at a greater rate each day. In recognition of that, a new IBM Research program will entail a number of efforts to bring services to the millions of people in the world who have bypassed using the personal computer as their primary method of accessing technology, and are instead using their mobile phone to access the Web, conduct financial transactions, entertain themselves, shop, and more. IBM’s research facilities in India will be spearheading the work on these new mobile programs, but IBM said seven other global sites also will be working on the projects.

One of the projects is – Universal Mobile Translator:

IBM is working to facilitate speech between individuals who speak no common language with the goal of free-form dialogue facilitated by a PDA or smartphone. IBM hopes to embed real-time translation technologies into mobile phones, handheld devices, and cars for instant translations.

Many translators out there might be wondering – what is ‘real-time translation technology’! Folks, we have a long way to go. Accept it.

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