Marathi libraries fade away

While politicians are vying with one another to hog the limelight as the “protector of Marathi interests”, libraries in the city meant for readers of Marathi books are closing down.

Out of 29 Marathi libraries run by the Mumbai Marathi Granth Sangrahalaya (MMGS), 11 have closed down in the past two years. In the past two months, the libraries at Dadar and Abhyudaya Nagar, Parel, have shut down because of insufficient number of members and lack of infrastructure. Similarly, eight more libraries are expected to pull their shutters down soon.

Former editor of a newspaper and well-known Marathi writer Arun Tikekar was of the opinion that the Marathi libraries are not keeping the kind of books that can draw the younger generation. “Most of the Marathi literature is religious, spiritual, or relating to cookery and technology. The young are hardly interested in such literature. Also, the Marathi literature available in the libraries is not good enough to hold the attention of young readers. There are nearly 2,000 types of Marathi books coming in the market every year, but hardly any of them are of general interest.”

“In English, people get a variety of books. Marathi literature needs to catch up to attract readers. Moreover, the government does not have a specific policy over library and book printing. There should be integrated approach. Also, the government should increase its grant to improve the infrastructure and the variety of books in libraries. Old book shops are closing down,” he said.

(Source: Mumbai Mirror)

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