Lalu Prasad Yadav and translation

In spite of globalisation and people’s natural inclination for learning more languages, the word “translation” reminds one of its roots and association with literature.

But not any longer. Please go through the link for the video at the end, without fail.

Union railways minister Lalu Prasad is to rule the roost on Youtube. A clip showing Lalu translating a Hindi poem into English while presenting the railway budget in February has become a huge hit on YouTube.

The clip is about Lalu reciting a Hindi poem during the speech, in which he seeks to convey his achievements in the ministry of railways. The clip dated February 26, 2008 has attracted over 3.5 lakh hits from across the globe.

While reciting the poem, he is interrupted by MPs, demanding him to translate it into English. Yadav stops, and says in English, “I will try to translate myself in English here.”

He then goes on to recite the complete poem in Hindi, and to peals of laughter, tries to translate it in English. The Lok Sabha Speaker, Somnath Chatterjee, is seen covering his mouth as he tries to suppress his laughter at Yadav’s inimitable attempts to translate the poem into English. Yadav says, “Everybody is appreciating, ki I have done a tremendous work. Each and every year, I have earned crores and crores every day. And they are saying, Lalu has planted a fruit tree, and every year, it is duty of my, to grow fruit tree.” To much mirth in the House, Chatterjee quips, “After this, the railways will not face any problems.”

One can watch this video in

2 Responses to “Lalu Prasad Yadav and translation”

  1. કુણાલ Says:

    heard abt this clip a few days back online itself … though watched it just now … !!

    enjoyed it … I must admit, Lalukaka has gud sense of humour along with genuinely gud management skills … !!

  2. Says:

    Fantastic submit. I’d been reviewing consistently this blog with this particular fascinated! Very useful details especially the shutting period 🙂 My spouse and i tackle this sort of facts a good deal. I was trying to find this kind of details for an extended time. Thank you so much and also connected with good fortune.

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