How to develop website in local language?

If a website wants to pull a large number visitors then it is important to provide more localized content. This means that the site should show up in the local language of the visitors accessing the website. For example if a non-English reader wants to access your website and your website is not localized in his/her language, then you might end up losing that visitor.

But if your website is localized, you might be able to retain that visitor. With the help of Web developer 2008 ASP.NET AJAX, you can build such websites in minutes. But the only issue is that you should have a translator who knows and can translate different languages.

Earlier, developers used to develop such website, ie, localized websites with the help of ASP.NET. So what’s different in using Web developer 2008 ASP.NET AJAX? Well the difference lies in the term AJAX. Earlier whole page had to be rendered from the server and then the required language was shown to the user. And if the user asks for any other response from the server then also the whole page had to be refreshed.

The technique behind this is that there is a global resource residing on the server which consists of some keywords that do not change in any case, ie the name doesn’t depend on the language setting of the user. And there is local resource on the server which contains all the substitutes for the words that will be changed according the language displayed. Now using the AJAX the resource gets downloaded on the client itself and whenever the user demands for any language change then immediately the language is change after he/she presses refresh button. But this time the text or labels are not rendered from the server but the local resource that is downloaded at the client side is used.

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