Bible which draws from Vedas, Gandhi

A new version of the Bible published by the Roman Catholic Church has become a huge hit in Kerala.

References in the Indianised version of the Bible have been picked up from the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Manusmriti.

The characters in the Bible have also been dressed up in Indian clothes. A sketch shows Joseph wearing a turban and Mary in a sari. Mother Mary holds baby Jesus in her arms in the sketch.

However, the sketch is just one among the 24 sketches in the new Indianised Bible published by the Roman Catholic Church.

The Indianisation does not end with the sketches. The Bible not only contains commentaries with references to the Upanishads, the Gita and the Manusmriti, it also has references to Gandhi and Miraben.

Nevertheless, the text is the accepted Catholic version.

“I welcome this unprecedented step as long as the message of Bible is never compromised with. The Biblical version, which we have been reading in India, is mostly the translations by European scholars. For example, The Jerusalem Bible poem. However, the Indianised version is a new attempt by Asian scholars and theologians,” says Theologian and thinker, Professor PT Chacko.

The Indianised bible is a revised edition of the popular Christian Community Bible, which is produced by French priest Bernardo Hurault, for non-English speaking audience. About 30 scholars have worked on the Indian interpretations, which are published as footnotes.

“There are about seventy references to non-Christian texts in both the Testaments. About 30 scholars participated in making the commentary. Some of them have included Indian scriptures, while others have not,” says Spokesperson of Syro Malabar Church, Father Paul Thelakkat.

Meanwhile, the Church says the idea is to give a cultural relevance to the message of the Bible and going by the response in Kerala, it seems that the idea has been well received.


6 Responses to “Bible which draws from Vedas, Gandhi”

  1. beyond words Says:

    Hi anuvaad it has been a few days that nothing new has been posted on your excellent, informative and exclusive blog! Do have a thought for your readers . Waiting to read more on this blog.

  2. Pancham Shukla Says:

    Amazing !

  3. オテモニャン Says:



  4. mamatha Says:

    another surreptitious plot for conversions in India, with the weapon of our own culture and teachings. why doesn’t the roman church call Christ a liberalist, trained in Indian phylosophy [ as some claim]. why this obstinate obsession for a separate religion and conversions – be and let be .. many hindus do visit dargahs, churches and places of worship .- do others do so .. they don’t because they don’t have free thinking minds .. so let be, let live culture – is a native Indian culture – a hindu [ not religion] culture and way of life.


    Cool blog.

    Do visit mine too

    This one is interesting with Indianised version of Bible, as BBC recently showed in a documentary that Jesus might have spent 14 years of his unaccounted life in Bible somewhere near Tibet.

    Anyways, would like to invite you to my blog. Do let me know if you like it.

  6. deidraleblanc59001 Says:

    Bu00edddu bu00edddu -hvau00f0 meu00f0 norru00e6na samvinnu og samstarf? Er ekki Finnlands meu00f0 u00ed pakkanum? Annars gleu00f0ilegt u00e1r og takk fyrir fru00e1bu00e6ra pistla u00ed u00fatvarpinu. Come on

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