Classic in translation – Mahabharat

The roots of translation go back to Mughal era when Indian epics were translated in Farsi and other non-Indian languages. The trend continued during the British rule as well, and the passion to translate epics fascinate the translators even today.

Here is one more commendable effort, though it is neither in Hindi nor in Gujarati, but let me make a special note here, that Malayalam is one more Indian language which is truly ruling its heartland as a language in all the spheres of the people belonging to the land. This translated version might not be for you, but the effort of the translator is more than worth a mention on this blog. 🙂

MAHABHARATA — C. Rajagopalachari in English: Malayalam translation by A.K. Balakrishna Nair; Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, K.M. Marg, Mumbai-400001. Rs. 150/- (yes, just hundred and fifty bucks!!!).

AS CAN be expected from the pen of C.Rajagopalachari (C.R.), this is a publication which one cannot stop reading till completing it. The magnum opus of Sage Vyasa, which comprises more than one lakh verses, has been admirably and interestingly summarised without omitting any important episode by C.R. in his work.

The translator has done full justice in lucid and fine Malayalam. There are gripping descriptions such as Yudhishthira approaching Bhishma, Drona and Kripa to pay obeisance giving a dramatic twist to the situation, after the armies have lined up to fight and the conches have been blown, signalling the start of the war.

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